PAGES JAUNES ELECTRONIQUES celebrated ten years December 28, 2012. Much effort has been made to revive the site to the exact date of the anniversary but some constraints have prevented the commemoration of this happy event.

This new version of PAGES JAUNES ELECTRONIQUES is much easier to understand and be fully to the needs of users who seek accurate information in a database or want to create a personal web page.

The four options presented (REGISTRATION, RESEARCH,  DOWNLOAD and SERVICES) summarize the main tasks of the previous version. Some services such as the downloading of our flagship software, Internet radio and PJE FM had to be abandoned due to lack of human resources to ensure their operation.


Those who are not yet registered can do now to get an access code allowing them to host their own pages. Registration is always free.

Those who had a banner on the margins of the site are asked  to contact us to negotiate the new display of these banners conditions.


This option allows you to search the database of our customers as well as the one dedicated to Haiti. Simply type the first few letters of the company or individual that you want to have the information.

For the second option (LOCAL SEARCH), one field is presented. Some letters are enough to extract the desired information. Only click on the MULTIMEDIA button at the right to display the web pages hosted by the option that follows.


DOWNLOAD option is used to upload HTML and image files on our server. The main condition is first rename the HTML file with the name of your access code. It is recommended that each time sending,  notice the address where these files are stored in order to create links between HTML files you want to access.

Those who have no idea about creating web pages can still download and install the software MICROSOFT EXPRESSION (version 4) for free. 


The latter gives an idea of our fields of activities. The CONTACT US button to send a message by email to get more information on the price of services.

We hope that this new intiative will have the desired success. We are also open to any suggestions that can help to enrich this new website. That all those who have encouraged us in this difficult task given here our most sincere thanks.

The Direction