SOFTWARE ASSISTANCE was born in Haiti in 1993 amid fratricidal struggle for power where the development of a software database for a sugar factory turned into creating a multimedia database.

PJE TRILOGY it's three variations on the same theme: designing a database that would allow businessmen but also the private individual, not only to promote their activities, but also to do e-commerce.

From 1993 to 2003, SOFTWARE ASSISTANCE has developed custom software entitled "LES PAGES JAUNES ELECTRONIQUES" remains a landmark in the history of programming in Haiti. The first idea was to refute the popular belief wrongly convinced that there is nothing to invent in the field of "Software" in the world.

From the advent of the Internet in the 2000s, PAGES JAUNES ELECTRONIQUES migrated on the web in 2003 without knowing the success hoped for by its designer.

Around year 2009, a bolder version entitled "PAGES JAUNES INTERNATIONAL (PJI) has emerged. Given the complexity of its implementation, it is still to be finalized and requires only encouraging users to rise from its ashes.

January 12, 2010, the day the famous earthquake that befell many Haitian families, PJI received the blow which forced the retirement of its site. It took rethink goals and make them conform to the new social reality. This is the reason that led us to invent PJE MOBILE, a series of utilities simpler design that adapts to the advent of mobile phones in Haitian customs.

SOFTWARE ASSISTANCE leaves a concrete all those who would embrace the field of programming inheritance. We hope that a younger generation of programmers will emerge to give a new impetus to the work of a lifetime.